Secondary School Complaint & Procedure Policy

Regular contact

Contact with the school should be made via the reception. Parents are requested to ask for the person directly responsible for the matter of concern. No concerns should be taken directly to the Principal or Directors before contact has been made with person responsible. Teachers are available to see parents from 14.10- 14.30 provided an appointment has been arranged.


Most complaints may be quickly resolved by talking to the teacher or member of staff concerned. To do this you can contact the school to arrange a time to meet with the person concerned and discuss the problem.

If you cannot resolve the matter directly with the person concerned, you should take it up with the relevant member of the Secondary Senior Leadership Team. The three members of the SLT are led by the Secondary Head Teacher and are each responsible for the three key areas of the school:

Jennifer Gardner
Jennifer Gardner
For pastoral and discipline issues.
Jil Seys
For administrative and organizational issues.

The SLT members may be contacted through the school and by arranging an appointment. It would be helpful if you could put your concerns in writing and let the SLT member see them before you meet so that she/he is able to look into the matter and inform you of the situation at the meeting.

In a very small number of cases, the matter may not be resolved even with the involvement of the SLT members. When this happens, the complaint should be directed to the Principal. In most cases, this means putting your complaint in writing to the Principal and sending it to him though the school. The Principal will then contact you.

If you do not discuss the matter with the relevant SLT member, it is not normally possible to proceed further with the official complaints procedure. In this circumstance, you should also put your complaint in writing, stating the reason why you have not discussed it with the relevant SLT member, and send it to the Principal.

If the complaint cannot be resolved by the involvement of the Principal, you can ask for the complaint to be considered by the Board of Directors. You will then be informed of the outcome.