Welcome to the Primary School

The Primary School at Silverline is made up of Key Stage 1 and 2 students.

Our curriculum is ambitious in its approach to be both purposeful and relevant to our students. It not only meets the requirements set out in the English National Curriculum, but is adapted, differentiated and extended to meet the unique needs of our children. As reflective practitioners, we continually refine and develop our practice to ensure our children receive the very best opportunities to realize their potential.

What makes us different

Our pedagogical approach builds on the enquiry and skill-based learning, initiated within our EYFS. Our engaging and creative approach to delivering the curriculum is what makes Silverline Private School truly unique. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers design bespoke sequences of lessons tailored to meet the needs and interests of all students. All learning opportunities are underpinned by the objectives, aims and outcomes outlined in the English National Curriculum.