Silverline Private School Ltd is located on the outskirts of Limassol, Cyprus at 4A Griva Digheni Street, 4651 Trachoni. We are an established, English medium international school operating under a “different” licence, in accordance with the new Cyprus legislation on Private Schools of 2019 and the amendment of 2020.  We offer a broad and balanced education to children from all around the world, aged 3 to 18, within an engaging and creative curriculum rooted in the objectives, aims and outcomes of the English National Curriculum. Our inclusive ethos has at the heart of its approach the mission for ‘every student to shine’ where students thrive in a nurturing yet challenging environment, achieving the best possible educational outcomes.


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Early Years

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Primary School

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Secondary School


At Silverline Private School, we endeavour to provide a well-balanced education based upon a modified English National Curriculum which is appropriate, relevant and responsive to our students’ needs and we are committed to encouraging the development of the full potential and personality of our students. Our supportive environment recognises each individual’s talents and encourages students’ aspirations, whilst creating opportunities for them to acquire the knowledge, skills and qualifications and to develop the personal qualities needed for life and work.

We recognise the central importance of each individual and his or her relationship with others and are committed to promoting international understanding and responsible citizenship in a multicultural context.

‘Where every student shines’ is the school motto and the curriculum at the school is based on a set of clear aims that holds true to this statement.