At Silverline Private School, we strive to work in partnership with parents, prioritising strong communication between home and school. We pride ourselves in being an extremely warm and welcoming school, forming extremely positive relationships between our staff and families.


Effective communication is reciprocal and achieved via a number of channels. First and foremost, we encourage direct communication with the classroom teacher regarding any queries, concerns or notifications. Teachers may be present at drop of and collection times for minor queries, however for more in-depth discussions, please make an appointment as teachers often have other duties and may therefore be unavailable. This can be arranged directly with the teacher, or through the administration team.


There may be times teachers need to meet with parents outside of parent teacher evenings, and a mutually suitable time will be arranged for this.


How parents are kept informed and updated

Welcome meeting: This will be held at the start of the new school year, with each class teacher on an arranged afternoon. Parents are invited to come in to meet their child’s teacher and receive information about the curriculum expectations and other information about the primary school. The weekly timetable will also be provided. Supervision will be arranged for all students during this time.

Reporting: Reports will be issued twice within each academic year. These will inform parents of their child’s attainment across curriculum subjects, and targets for the coming term. For a more thorough explanation on our reporting procedure, please read our ‘Assessment’ page.

 Primary Open Evenings: Twice per year, parents will be invited to come into school to view their children’s work and discuss their progress informally with the class teacher. As this is an open session, no formal appointments are needed.

 Parent-Teacher Conferences: These will be held twice per year and are an opportunity to meet 1:1 with the class teacher to discuss your child’s individual attainment and progress across subjects.

 School Events: Throughout the school year, parents are invited to a range of events and functions. This is a positive way to integrate into the school community and get to know all staff and students.

Electronic Communication: As part of our commitment to reduce our paper use, we will rely more on email correspondence from September. To ensure you receive all communication, please keep contact details updated.


 Seesaw: Seesaw is a student driven digital portfolio which links parents, in real time, with their child’s learning. A more in-depth explanation of Seesaw and its uses will be provided in September.

*Please check our school calendar for up-to-date information on the dates and timings of the above