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Aims & Values

Mission Statement

Silverline Private School, working in partnership with our parents, are committed to providing a high quality education in a safe, supportive and stimulating environment. We value each person and encourage everyone to achieve their full potential.

Aims and Values

At Silverline Private School we aim:

  • To create an environment where teaching and learning are enjoyed and valued, and where progress and achievement are encouraged and celebrated
  • To help pupils to develop lively, enquiring minds, and to acquire knowledge and skills that will prepare and equip them for lifelong learning and for employment
  • To foster an understanding of spiritual and moral values, an awareness of the world in which we live, and an appreciation of the interdependence of people and nations
  • To promote good manners and respect for the rights and feelings of others, and to help pupils to form caring and supportive relationships
  • To encourage pupils to participate in activities which present new challenges and help them to develop confidence and self-reliance

At Silverline Private School we value and encourage:

  • Effort and personal achievement
  • Self discipline and responsibility for one’s own actions
  • Consideration for the safety and well-being of others
  • Respect for the rights and property of others
  • Honesty and reliability
  • Respect for those in positions of authority
  • Punctuality and good attendance
  • Good behaviour and smart appearance
  • Respect and care for the environment in which we live and work
  • Courtesy and good manners
  • Friendliness and helpfulness

At Silverline Private School we do not accept:

  • Bullying and cruelty
  • Cheating and dishonesty
  • Lying and deceit
  • Rudeness and the use of offensive language
  • Behaviour that hinders the progress of others